About My Work

Highly-driven technical professional with exceptional analytical, communication and organization skills. Proven and awarded excellence in effectively planning, coordinating and achieving success in multiple projects. Goal-oriented, productive and passionate about executing first-class solutions on time and under budget. Can actively work on dedicated teams and/or independently; both equally as effective. Nearly a decade worth of experience in designing, building, testing and deploying a vast range of technological tools and solutions.

A natural problem solver, I believe every problem has a optimal solution available with the use of critical deductive logic. The important factor in achieving that solution is to genuinely be driven to it's truthful discovery - not allowing preconceived impressions or beliefs to control your logical path.

Dedicated to constantly expanding my knowledge in computing, especially with the client-server model, I can comfortably say that I grow significantly in my field every week. The Internet technology stack is so vast that I see a lifetime of growth and learning and have no aspiration in ceasing my growth in all aspects of life, let alone my primary area of interest and expertise.

Cloud Computing

To me, the future has always been in the cloud. I have spent years of my free-time running a network of VPS's in various locations learning how create REST API's and various sandbox interfaces to leverage them. Given adequate time, I believe I can create any cloud application from the bottom up.


After 6 years as a Federal Employee, I decided to leave to pursue bigger interests within my profession. The World Wide Web is still a young and fresh environment where so many possibilities, acheivements and opportunites available that I could not simply accept a standard comfy job within the government. I have worked on several projects since my departure a year and a half ago.